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The Standard produces several rich, multi-layered flavors that you’ll find at the most exclusive, high-end vape shops. Their products are not only delicious, but their designer glass bottles definitely stand out from the crowd. Frankenvape is probably the most popular, and also my favorite, while Curious Jorge comes in a close second. Nothing low-quality or sub-par here, whether it comes to the packaging, or the ingredients.

  1. Cell Block Four
    $19.99 / 30 ml
    A very rich and creamy crème brulee flavor with hints of citrus and vanilla cupcake with a nice all day vape kind of finish that is perfect for anyone that likes sweet dessert flavors.
  2. Curious Jorge
    $19.99 / 30 ml
    Banana, Banana & more Banana! Imagine a banana runt candy with a creamy smooth natural finish. This IS the banana vape of all banana vapes.
  3. Dead Mans Party
    $19.99 / 30 ml
    A perfect combination of wild blueberry flavors with hints of lemon and cream that creates a great & refreshing Blueberry Lemonade style vape.
  4. F.U.E.S
    $19.99 / 30 ml
    Meet the newest addition to the The Standard family! Once you vape this juice, you'll know why it's a favorite among our team.
  5. Frankenvape
    $19.99 / 30 ml
    Sweet and tart Kiwi with a smoothing marsh mellow finish sounds just like the name of the juice, a freak of the culinary flavor combo world but will sure be your next all day vape.
  6. G-35
    $19.99 / 30 ml
    This tropical blend consists of a mix of coconut, pineapple, mango with gentle hint of menthol for a fresh finish.
  7. Irie Nights
    $19.99 / 30 ml
    A true trip to a Jamaican style party with sweet rum flowing and brown sugar caramel dancing around creates a truly unique vape that will definitely grow on you.
  8. Slow Mo
    $19.99 / 30 ml
    Take a trip down memory lane with our Orange Dreamsicle inspired flavor combination of orange and “smooth” cream. Enjoy today because you deserve a Slow-Mo kind of day!
  9. Tater
    $19.99 / 30 ml
    This fan inspired vape taste NOTHING like tater tots…pretty sure that would be nasty! To sum up the flavor combinations, imagine your favorite neapolitan ice cream as a smooth eliquid that you’ll NEVER get tired of vaping… that’s Tater Sauce!
  10. Thumper
    $19.99 / 30 ml
    Looking for a sweet, but tart eliquid? Thumper juice is the answer! This flavor is a refined combination of blueberry and grape that perfectly compliment each other for an irresistibly good all-day vape.

Nicotine Strengths: 0mg  6mg  12mg
$19.99  /  30 ml