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Draft brewed eliquids.

  1. Bangin' Orange
    $12.99 / 15 ml
    A seductive union of oranges, tangerines and sweet cream.
  2. Belgian Breakfast
    $12.99 / 15 ml
    A warming waffle taste with hints of macerated strawberries and sweet whipped cream.
  3. Eskimo Kiss
    $12.99 / 15 ml
    Smooth as the driven snow, this tantalizing blend of minty menthol will transport you to a state of blissful tranquility.
  4. Island Style
    $12.99 / 15 ml
    Getting twisted with kiwi and coconut and a special ingredient to generate that “Chilled Island Vibe”.
  5. Jolly Green Apple
    $12.99 / 15 ml
    A sweet and tangy treat, you’ll be left craving these apples in your mouth.
  6. Leprechaun Smack
    $12.99 / 15 ml
    A creamy vanilla shake with soothing mint undertones somewhere a lonely leprechaun missing his stash.
  7. Melo Vibes
    $12.99 / 15 ml
    The melon flavor to end all melon flavors. A fusion of honeydew, cantaloupe and others.
  8. Nocturnal Banana
    $12.99 / 15 ml
    A creamy banana that is sure to satisfy with it’s nutty finish.
  9. Polar Berry
    $12.99 / 15 ml
    Raspberries and strawberries with just a hint of menthol for a smooth finish.

Nicotine Strengths: 0mg  6mg  12mg
$12.99 / 15 ml     $19.99 / 30 ml