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Alloy Blends

Alloy Blends hand crafted signature flavors that are blended in a complex, multilayered formulation that you won’t find anywhere else. Each flavor is a medley of key notes and tones that compliment and play off each other. Alloy Blends strives to provide not only the best flavors, but the highest quality products. Truly top shelf in all regards. These flavors and liquids are not just what is sold commercially, they personally use it every day. The sourcing and mixing isn’t just a business, it is family based with the utmost consideration and importance. 

  1. Blonde
    $28.99 / 30 ml
    Vanilla custard that is refined to be slightly sweet, very rich and smooth, the perfect custard.
  2. Bluing
    $28.99 / 30 ml
    Bluing started as a replication of a popular, seasonal blueberry marshmallow cereal we all remember from our youth, but was then revised and refined for a more discerning, mature palate. Light, fruity, and slightly sweet, Bluing will treat your taste buds to a whimsical, yet elegant e-liquid flavor experience.
  3. Crucible
    $28.99 / 30 ml
    Rich, bold and sophisticated, this is a very smooth and full bodied creamy vanilla cappuccino blend.
  4. Etched
    $28.99 / 30 ml
    Maybe best described as a Lemon-Orange Crème, it is a smooth, sweet, creamy blend, infused with lemon and orange notes, resulting in a delectable concoction that’s both refreshing and indulgent all at once.
  5. Fracture
    $28.99 / 30 ml
    Very creamy, true to life peanut butter flavor, expertly blended for extra smoothness and complexity.
  6. Lustor
    $28.99 / 30 ml
    Layered, deep and extravagant, a delicious waffle cone dessert flavor mixed with fresh cream.
  7. Velocity
    $28.99 / 30 ml
    Mixed apple blend with other underlying notes throughout. Crafted as an indulgent rich taste that's reminiscent of a Dutch apple fritter.
  8. Vented
    $28.99 / 30 ml
    A very complex, earthy and balanced mix, it is a light well blended vanilla tobacco.
  9. Quenched
    $28.99 / 30 ml
    A mouthwatering, strawberry-infused, bubblegum eliquid that’s bursting with flavor, but light enough for all-day-vape enjoyment. It will most certainly remind you of your favorite strawberry bubblegum.

Nicotine Strengths: 0mg  3mg  6mg  12mg  18mg
$28.99  /  30 ml